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It is preferable to avoid a damaging dispute in the first place, and one way to do this is to ensure that the original contract has been properly negotiated.  The personnel of The Dispute Centre have many years of training practice, and offer several modules covering a variety of contract-related matters, from Basic to Advanced levels.  Each module lasts from 2-6 hours and can be given individually or in any combination.

Currently available modules include:

Contracts - Top 10 Problems and Solutions

Negotiation - Basic

Negotiation - Intermediate

Negotiation - Advanced

The Dispute Centre offers a Management Support Service within Industry and Public Service designed to offset the threat of disputes before they occur. Management Support helps to negotiate contractual changes, facilitate discussions on the introduction of new strategic aims and assist where a workforce is affected by changes in conditions of service.

The Management Support Service is contracted out on a day by day basis, so you can choose just how much or how little input you wish from The Dispute Centre.

Discontent and depression amongst the workforce can lead to lethargy, absenteeism and increased instances of dispute. This results in the loss of valuable time, productivity and subsequently profit. 

The Dispute Centre provides a Workplace Review Service that, 1) analyses workplace concerns amongst your workforce; 2) identifies any underlying problems which could escalate into damaging disputes, and 3) recommends alterations in structure, policy or processes that will help create a positive, forward-looking and progressive working environment for all.

These stages are undertaken independently in a step by step process. Each is charged independently, depending on the extent of input required.