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Opening a dispute file requires the following three preliminary steps:

1. After you contact us, we will send you our dispute procedure and non-disclosure contract, which you will need to have signed by both parties.

2. We will send both parties a link enabling you to register on our online platform.

3. The parties must pay the relevant deposit (normally 50% of the fixed fee).

Once the file is opened, we will give you our preliminary views on the subject matter and proposed further procedure, within 7 days.

We will then offer a hearing date (if required by the parties) to take place within a further 21 days.

We would be pleased to give you any further information you require - just contact us by email and we will call you back within 24 hours (see "Contact" Section below).

Please let us know either by telephone or by email via our ‘Contact Us’ link, which of The Dispute Centre’s additional services may be of interest.