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If you have a dispute which you cannot resolve, we are here to help.  We specialize in the constructive management of disputes.  Our methods result in a successful outcome in 70-80% of cases.

Fair:  Our approach is to match the relevant professional, technical and legal expertise to your specific case.  We have decades of hands-on experience to bring to bear.  This results in an informed and fair view, respected by both parties.  Because the process is non-binding and confidential, the parties remain in control and can withdraw at any time. Of course, once a settlement is reached, the parties may choose to make it binding.

Fast:  We will respond to any filing within 48 hours and (if desired by the parties) will take the matter to a hearing within 30 days of file opening. In this way the  process can be brought to a swift conclusion.

Fixed Cost:  We will fix the fees for each stage at the outset.  You know what you will get and can budget accordingly.  We can do this because the procedure is much quicker than more classical court or arbitration proceedings.

Stress: Conflict generates high levels of stress for all involved, affecting health and quality of life. The Dispute Centre will help you to reach a resolution in one day, providing all parties with a positive outcome and a quick return to normality.

Threat: Any conflict carries the threat of negative effects, e.g. escalating costs, injury to reputation and reduced productivity. A mutually agreed settlement with the support of The Dispute Centre removes the source of threat and allows everyone to move on.

Inefficiency: Time is precious. Disputes, particularly those that result in long and acrimonious exchanges, greatly reduce efficiency. Early settlement prevents the situation deteriorating and also allows parties to regain lost momentum.

Slow: "Justice delayed is justice denied".  Courts, and increasingly arbitration, are slow and inflexible.

Expensive:  Court and arbitration proceedings are very costly, due to the extended involvement of lawyers for periods normally exceeding 12 months.

Fairer?  Often judges have no commercial or technical background and have to rely upon external experts.  Also the parties have no real control over the process and are often unhappy with the result.